Police Radar – Thoughts

Radar Gun 2

The radar gun is like putting your hand out with the stop gesture. When ever you see the radar gun pointed at the direction of on coming vehicles, the tail lights come on simultaneously. It’s amazing. The focus today is the use of it. Does it need to be whipped out  on every street corner. Some Law enforcement officers would say it’s part of the job, most civilians I talk to would say, its only needed on the highway and places  known for speeding. The theory behind the later is even though people go above the speed limit, they regulate their speed 5 miles above or below the actual speed limit and do not have the intention to drag race on city streets. They believe other forms of violations such as not using turn signals and blowing a stop sign should be looked at rather than speed. Since most drivers on city streets are not speeding they see a cop behind a shrub as a way of increasing his “ticket quota”. But they do believe a camouflaged cop catching someone blowing a stop sign is fair game. With the last sentence, I do understand where they are coming from. Most city drivers are not out to speed, speed caution signs are more appropriate in this setting  and it’s easier to spot someone driving at a very unreasonable spread which is then appropriate to take out a radar gun and confirm it.

Radar Gun use

How about Radar Signs?

Radar Gun keep-calm-and-say-cheese      OR         Radar Gun 3

Radar Signs – say cheese !!


People are more at ease with this form of speed deterrent, even though they feel a discomfort while approaching one, they believe it is there to catch blatant traffic violators not them. They also do not think someone is trying to meet a traffic ticket quota, hence they are  ok with it. This all has to do with perception, I have seen small towns use dummy cops in parked patrol cars. The cars are parked visibly by the street facing on coming cars, yes people slow down. In fact when they notice it is a dummy behind the wheels, they get out of their cars and take selfies. This method is used during holiday weekends or when short of patrol officers. The cars are staged at different spots so you do not get used to it or know when it is a real cop until you get close enough. Yes, it works and people are okay with it. They know the agenda of the police department and are more comfortable with a visible police car without a cop pointing a radar gun at them than one behind a shrub with a radar gun trained at them.

Dummy cop selfie

What do you think?

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